We are a team of documentary photographers, specialised in editorial, conceptual and landscape photography.
Our passion, is to witness, document and report, shed light on unreported stories, bear witness to the innocence.
Using photography, we give voice to the voiceless men, women and children!

Black Lives Matter activists protest police violence against 17-yearr-old Marcus Abrams, who has autism, in St. Paul, Minnesota. September 20, 2015. (Fibonacci Blue/CC BY 2.0)

Are Black Lives Terrorist Lives?

01/08/2016 Editorial 0 Comments

For the ninety-nine percent are real people, with lives and children and loves and woes; they think, feel and love as we do, within the broadest parameters of the infinite human landscape… Call it karma, call it what you will; but the effects of our actions are inescapable, and this system of world tyranny will leave no life untouched before all is said and done.

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In Freedom of the Press at least, Kosovo is the worst of the Balkans

03/05/2016 Editorial 0 Comments

Based in Pristina, the Association of Journalists is weak and compromised: Kosovo was once ranked eightieth out of 180 countries in a Reporters Without Borders press freedoms index yet as the crisis of suppression deepens the rank sinks lower with every passing year as violations of the press and freedom speech continue without hindrance or meaningful challenge.

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26 Dec 2010, Pristina, Kosovo --- Kosovo's Prime Minister and leader of Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Hashim Thaci, speaks to his supporters in the capital Pristina. -- Portraits of political and religious leaders of the Republic of Kosovo from various political events throughout 2010 in Kosovo. --- Image by © Vedat Xhymshiti/Demotix/Corbis

A Tale of Two Cities: the Criminals and Citizens of Kosovo

28/04/2016 Editorial 0 Comments

The freedom is still crushed by the weight of oppression in ‪‎Kosovo’s warlord rule of crime. Kosovars may possess talents of the highest order, yet for them, it seems like there is no path of fame or distinction opened. Apparently for now, they cannot hope to attain those privileges while their daily life brethren remain chained.

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What We Do

conceptual Photography

Conceptual Photography, is what the world recognises as 'Reportage' — it is home to our passion. Our members are capable of creating authentic images from in-depth features that address the major issues of our day. Our members, are available for assignment work, bringing their unique perspectives to your commissioned project.

editorial Photography

We cover a limited range of different styles and genre, such as news, sports and entertainment. Predominately our editorial targeting customers are newspapers, magazines and textbooks. Our imagery reflects the world around us. Integrity of our images is essential to the journalistic ethics.

landscape Photography

Capturing the presence of nature, we focus on man-made features & disturbances of landscapes. Only few are capable to see more than many of us, therefore we are dedicated to show you the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times we tend to involve microscopic subjects and objects.