33 Years after Earthquake

A set of general pictures offer an atmospheric view of a daily life routine, in Armenia’s once destroyed and now rebuilt city Spitak. Also, you will come across a set of devastating imagery of the old town when it was once almost buried by an earthquake that shook the entire city 33 years ago.

When I visited it for the first time on Jan 16, 2021, It felt like the walls of the houses are still in grief, but I found that the memories of people’s livelihood were somehow still alive. And so, I paid a second visit on Feb 1st, 2021 to take a look at the rebuilt and relocated community of Spitak.

The urban town is located in the northern Lori Province is 96 km north of the capital, Yerevan, and 22 km west of the provincial centre, Vanadzor. Spitak was entirely destroyed during the devastating 1988 earthquake, and it was rebuilt in a slightly different location.

The earthquake that devastated Armenia in December 1988 killed 25,000 people and left half a million homeless. Like the tsunami that devastated southern Asia 16 years later, it focused the world’s sympathy for unspeakable suffering and unleashed an outpouring of aid.

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