Armenia’s Internally Displaced

According to IOM (International Organisation for Migration) as of Dec 2020 – an estimated 92 639 people alone were displaced as a result of military operations in areas bordering Azerbaijan due to the 44 days of war over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

On Tuesday, Dec 28, 2020 – I meet with three families that were displaced from the Nagorno Karabakh region during the recent war with Azerbaijan and were given hotel suites from the government of Armenia, at a previously abandoned “SOVIET Hotel” building in Metsamor.

The city is located near the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, which is the only nuclear power plant in the South Caucasus, located 36 kilometres west of Yerevan in Armenia.

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Widow of Nagorno Karabakh
“Take me to America” demanded Babo Arina

“Take me to America” demanded Babo Arina

She doesn't get to see her step-children either she said on Thursday, Jan 28,

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