Britain to reopen Campsfield IRC

After our photographer Vudi Xhymshiti went to Campsfield to take a few feature shots, surprisingly he was invited by the security personnel and was shown the facilities and offered to film and photograph. This is exclusive to us, and we are happy to supply UK-based news organisations with such material.

The British media reported this week that the Home Office is planning to reopen Campsfield again as a 282-bed detention site to ‘support’ the plan to ship asylum seekers to east Africa.

Campsfield House in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, was shut down in 2018 after years of problems, including riots, escapes and complaints about conditions. according to the British press, the final inspection of the 282-bed facility before it shut down found that 41% of its detainees felt unsafe. The average length of detention was 55 days, but some were held for “excessive periods, with the longest detention at one year, five months”. Originally a young offender institution, Campsfield became an immigration centre in 1993.

Campsfield House was an immigration detention centre was operated by private prison firm Mitie under contract with the British government. It was the site of a number of protests from human rights campaigners and has seen a number of hunger strikes and one suicide.

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