British PM Resigned

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation Thursday after dozens of his government ministers stepped down earlier this week, jumping ship as the U.K. leader was engulfed by scandal, backlash over skyrocketing costs of living and other crises.

As the Associated Press summarized the situation, Johnson “managed to remain in power for almost three years, despite allegations that he was too close to party donors, that he protected supporters from bullying and corruption allegations, and that he misled Parliament and was dishonest to the public about government office parties that broke pandemic lockdown rules.”

“But recent disclosures that Johnson knew about sexual misconduct allegations against Chris Pincher, a Conservative lawmaker before he promoted Pincher to a senior position turned out to be the last straw,” the AP added.

British PM faces growing calls to go

British PM faces growing calls to go

Cabinet ministers in No 10 as calls grow for Johnson to go

Solidarity March for Women

Solidarity March for Women

On Saturday, July 9, 2022 — Abortion Rights UK and other organisations organised

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