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Frequently asked questions

How can I use Editorial content?

Editorial use only” content is not cleared for commercial use. There are no exceptions to this restriction, so even religious, educational and nonprofit organizations must respect this important guidance.

Some common ways to permissibly use editorial content include:

  • – news articles, archives, and publications
  • – documentaries
  • – nonfiction books
  • – public-service content

Unacceptable Uses of Editorial Content: If you aren’t sure whether your project falls under the acceptable uses for the editorial content, you can compare it to this list of areas that are not approved for Editorial Use content:

  • – promotional articles and graphics (including “advertorials”)
  • – commercial productions
  • – product packaging
  • – advertising
  • – merchandise
  • – social media campaigns

How do I license Editorial images?

This editorial image is part of VX Media Editorial, along with the latest content from our editorial photographers and global partners.

Get access to any of our images by licensing either an Editorial single image or a pack of 15.

Simply select an image or gallery and click the shopping trolley button when viewing any image to get started, or click “Add to Cart” and you will find it intuitive to get to purchase what you need.

You can also sign up with VXiMages as our Premier access is also available and is great for large corporate teams with high-volume Editorial content usage. Learn more.

Can I use Editorial images for commercial purposes?

The answer is No.

Editorial content is not cleared for commercial use. You’ll see many of VX Media’s images marked as “Editorial Use Only.”

These content items are not cleared for commercial use but are created for use in news media and other non-commercial purposes.