PR, Corporate and Private video and photography services

Welcome to our VX Media Services platform. Sit tight, worry-free because here you’ll find a solution to recording the most important events in your personal, family or business life.

If you think you can afford between a three, five and six-figure sum for high-quality professional services delivered by an up-to-date, trained and enthusiastic crew with a can-do attitude and proven success. In that case, you are in the right place.

We are a London-based video and photo agency with extensive experience covering lifetime happenings in people’s personal, family and business life.

From family and individual portraits to your personal and business headshots. From private parties to your wedding, birth and graduation day, our motion and still pictures crew are ready to put that on the record. You can also take one of our photographers or videographers to produce a series of lifestyle pictures, i.e., a picnic day out in the park or beach, we can even travel along with you worldwide, and you won’t see us, we won’t bother you, depending on circumstances you will see galleries of you and your friends or family in lifestyle pictures.

Our crew of video and photographers will encompass far more than simply shooting people holding awkward poses.


Each event presents different challenges, but our team thinks on its feet. Every client requires a different set of shots, and we arrive prepared and eager to meet all requests and requirements.

Live Video/Photo Coverage

Live coverage means we will deliver RAW files on the spot, as it happens, without having to sit down on a computer, download files, post-produce and then post them.

The service varies depending on your requirements: my crew can be on hand to deliver pictures, or we can work with your team. We can bring from one up to three video and photographers to undertake live coverage of your event.

This service is helpful for festivals that’d like to be supplied with on-the-spot video and photographs directly from the event so they can quickly visualise their show for their social media followers. But also for news and multiple events conferences of making a statement, delivering a message or launching a product. Or social and political groups who’d like their activities covered live as they happen. We are here to help you become visible.

Wherever in the world you might be based, we can deliver an elevated experience and exceptional lifestyle, editorial and corporate video and photography services with a cohesive and consistent look that highlights the uniqueness of your commissioned project.

Take the time and confusion out of searching for a private, lifestyle, family, editorial, or corporate video or photographer, and let us do the work for you. Just send us an email at with some brief information about what you need, and within 48 hours, our production team will send you an easy-to-understand quote.

It’s that simple!

Our chief photographer has over 15 years of experience shooting pictures with a reportage style, and we are confident that you’ll not regret hiring the services we deliver under his leadership. Our crew bring diverse skills and is trained to our superb standards.

We are professionals who take our responsibilities seriously; therefore, in the unlikely event that our client is not satisfied with the quality of our pictures, we have public liability insurance.

As a photo agency with extensive editorial and news photography experience focusing on the politics of race, gender, identity, migration and the displacement of people due to climate change and armed conflicts, we are the best you can get in the industry to film, photograph and deliver pictures of your activities to a vast array of British, American and European news-gathering websites, print publications and broadcast networks.

You’ll have your event documented and have direct access to your event’s pictures, and you’ll also secure significant exposure.

What will you get?

  • Direct access to carefully selected editorial pictures for news videos and photography via our platform at
  • Captioned and metadata-filled (see sample) video and photographic files compliant with IPTC’s data asset management.
  • Broad exposure of your activities to the British, American and European print and digital news-gathering press and broadcast networks.
  • You will get your event documented and directly access your event’s pictures, but you will also secure significant exposure.
  • Half day: up to 4 hours
  • £250
    • Full-day: 5 to 10 hours
    • £450

We are available to work on assignments and shifts:

  • Within the United Kingdom, at a starting rate of £250 for a half day and £450 for a full day + expenses if it requires travelling more than 15 miles from London.
  • The European continent has a starting rate of £565 for a half day and £650 for a full day + all expenses.
  • Anywhere outside the European continent, at a starting rate of £750 for a half day and £830 for a full day + all expenses.

Frequently asked questions

Do you travel?

We are, of course, more than willing to travel.

Destination events, conferences, actions and campaigns, lifestyle, couples, families, friends or business trips and weddings are a great way to escape everyday London.

As far as travel costs are concerned, ground, sea or air transport, accommodation, drinks, food and insurance coverage costs are simply added to our package prices at face value.

Do you offer payment plans?

We are very strict in scheduling payments. That is because of our operational costs. However, once your deposit is paid, there’s nothing more to worry about for quite some time.

Whether you’d prefer to pay your remaining balance off bit by bit or in one go, it’s totally up to you.

As long as we’re all settled up by the time you get your images, that’s all that matters.

However, you will have to pay 100% of the travel cost in advance if travelling is involved.

What about a cancellation policy?

Your deposit is transferrable – in the unfortunate event that you are forced to reschedule, your deposit will simply be moved to a new agreed date.

If a cancellation occurs due to the supplier being unable to meet the booking terms (including but not limited to; ill health, family emergency etc.), a full refund shall be issued.

Every situation is unique; therefore, in most cancellation cases, only 40% out of 60% of paid deposits will be refunded if and when applicable, subject to circumstances.

How long is the turnaround on images?

We aim to have a client’s images ready no later than the agreed time.

Depending on a particular you’ve done, this may vary slightly, but we do our best to keep our clients in the loop while editing their images.

There are times when the turnaround of the images can be as quick as live as the event happens, or as slow as within one hour and up to seven working days.

Book a Video or Photographer

NOTE: You can book a video or photographer for half a day (up to 3 hours), a full day (4 to 7 hours) or a timeless day (up to 10 hours). Our services are available for three consecutive days or up to one week or month. And the earlier you book, the better it is for both of us.

Please be aware that to secure a booking, you’d need to pay 60% of the fee for the entire reservation. If you cancel the booking three weeks in advance, you’ll be refunded 50% of that 60%.

Send us an email for more details at