“Take me to America” demanded Babo Arina

During our conversation, she repeatedly said: “….take me to America.” She lives in a halfway house that needs renovation. The bomb that struck her house devastated its structure, she now lives in its rubbles.

She said she is from Sumgait, (Sumqayit), which is the third-largest city in Azerbaijan, located near the Caspian Sea, about 31 kilometres away from the capital, Baku. She said that she fled Sumqayit following an organised attack targeting the Armenian population of the seaside town of Sumgait in the then Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic in late February 1988.

Being forced to flee Sumgait she and her husband lived in Yerevan and later sometime in 1994 they started a new life in Stepanakert, following the Armenian occupation of Nagorno Karabakh region. 26 years later her house is struck by an Azerbaijani airstrike in Stepanakert, the capital city of the Self-proclaimed Republic of Artsakh.

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